How Far Does the Foneso F100 Laser Distance Measurer

An accurate laser distance measurer is essential when you need to measure long distances without using a tape measure. Even though a tape measure could help you measure the distance, using a laser distance measurer is a lot easier and quicker. Additionally, if you choose an accurate device, then the process is much more efficient. Laser distance measurers also take out the hassle of DIYing a way to figure out the distance you need to measure. 

There are many companies that make a laser distance measurer, but one that stands out is the Foneso. This laser distance measurer allows you, as the user, to measure long distances without any hassle. Additionally, this company makes use of its high-end technology to ensure that you are getting the most accurate reading possible. Additionally, this company ensures that its devices are cost-effective and easy to use. They have an incredible assortment of products that include laser distance measurer, security cameras, cables, and more. 

What is a laser distance measurer?

Laser distance measures are extremely helpful devices that allow you to measure large distances. Mostly, when you purchase a laser distance measure, it will say on the box what distance the device is capable of measuring. A laser measuring tool works on the principle of reflection of the laser beam to measure a certain distance. The device emits a pulse of radiation in the direction you point it at. From here, the time that it takes for the laser beam to get to the object, (such as a wall) and return is measured. That helps the device compute the distance between itself and the object. The calculation that the device employs includes considering the speed of light as well. Therefore, the distance defined using a device such as a distance laser measurer is extremely accurate and precise. Additionally, laser distance measurers can be used in a variety of ways to calculate distance, surfaces, and volumes. 

The technology that these laser measurers use is known as laser distance meters, and such technology allows you to stay at a distance from the point to be measured. Therefore, it can be used in situations where contact with the object is physically impossible or is dangerous. 

The Foneso F100 Laser Distance Measurer: Distance and other specifications

The Foneso F100 is a powerful laser distance measurer that can help you measure different structures, distances, rooms, and objects with extreme precision and ease. This tool not only has technology for accurate measurements, but it also has a variety of helpful features that make your task easier. As a bonus, it is extremely easy to use, and first-time users will have no issue with it.

The Foneso F100 is equipped enough to be able to measure different lengths, areas, and volumes and should therefore be something you consider buying for your toolset. It also provides measurements continuously. Even if you move the device towards or away from the target, the Foneso F100 will still measure it. Additionally, it also has other incredibly useful features such as the option for adding and subtracting, etc. 

The measuring range for this device is an impressive 328 ft with a ⅛ inch accuracy. The Foneso F100 also takes into account all the different measuring units and has the option to switch between feet, decimal feet, inches, and metric units. The visibility of this device is perfect for outdoor use as the display is backlit and is therefore perfect outdoors as well as in dimly lit rooms.

The Foneso F100 uses two AAA batteries to work, which are included in the package. It weighs around 181 grams which means that this device is incredibly portable as it is pocket size. Hence, you can carry it around with you and use it whenever you need to, wherever you need to. 


The Foneso F100 is an incredible laser distance measurer. It allows you to measure various distances with ease. This device does not only have that capability but many others as well. Let us take a closer look at all its features.


The Foneseo F100 is designed using a reflected laser beam. This technology allows you to be at a certain distance from the endpoint and measure the distance quite accurately. It allows you to measure up to 328 ft or 100m, as the name F100 suggests. The error margin that Foneso F100 has is also quite low at only ⅛ inch. Therefore, the device is quite accurate.

Measurement Units

The Foneso F100 was not designed for people of a single region. Rather, it can be used by people all around the world due to its ability to switch between measurement units. It allows you to measure in inches, feet, decimal feet, and even metric units. Therefore, it does not matter which measurement unit you use, the Foneseo F100 has got you covered.

Multi measurement Modes

Most devices only allow you to measure in a specific way, which can be quite limiting for those who have varied uses for the device. The Foneso F100 allows its users three different measurement modes that allow them flexibility when measuring. The first mode is the single-distance mode. This mode simply measures the distance from the device to the surface across from it. The second mode is the continuous measurement mode that measures distances as you move. The third mode is the area measurement mode that enables you to measure the area of an object or other surfaces.

Backlit Display

The screen of the Foneso F100 is designed in such a way that it allows the device to be used easily in both; normal and low light conditions. The device features a backlit display that you can use to note down the distance the device has measures, but with a normal screen, there can be visibility issues, especially in places where light is low. The foneso F100 solves this problem by including a backlit display that increases its visibility and hence, its usability. 


The Foneso F100 is a portable device as it weighs only 181 grams and has a small form factor. Such a size allows this device to be carried around with you and used at your convenience. You can even pop it in your pocket. 

Pros and Cons of the Foneso F100

Some pros of the Foneso F100 include the fact that it is a laser type distance measure which makes it super accurate and precise in measuring different surfaces. Additionally, it offers three different modes of measurement. These are the single distance mode, the continuous mode, and the area mode. The three modes allow the device to measure; the distance, volume, and area of different surfaces. Foneso F100 is also built to be durable and last the test of time. 

The only con of this device is that it is a bit difficult to use in bright daylight. This issue arises because the laser dot is not as visible under the bright sunlight. However, this issue can be resolved by using red laser glasses or even a reflective target.

Benefits of having a laser distance measurer

A normal tape measurer can do the same task as a laser distance measurer. However, measuring long distances using a traditional meter can become a hassle. In such a situation, a laser distance meter is almost a necessity. It allows you to measure distance by reflecting the laser off of a surface through which the laser measures distance. 

The benefits of using a laser distance measure include the immediate results that one gets when measuring. Additionally, laser measurement devices also allow you to measure distances solo and with ease. You do not need any help from anyone else and can do the job alone without any major issues. The laser distance measure also helps protect the worker. In case of dangerous or precarious structures, manually measuring could lead to an injury. Thus, using laser distance measures can help eradicate that fear and enable you to measure even the most hard-to-reach places synch as balconies, etc.

Can laser distance measurer measure further?

The Fonese F100 allows you to measure a considerable distance of around 100 meters which equals 328 feet. Although that is more than enough for some people, others may want to measure even longer distances. For these people, there are a few options available. There are devices that can measure 330 feet or even 395 feet. However, these devices are few and far in between. Most devices on the market allow you to measure distances that range from 150 feet to 300 feet.


The Foneso F100 is an impressive device having many benefits that make your task of measuring large distances considerably easy and less risky. The main question most people have for devices such as this laser distance measure is exactly how much distance these devices can measure. The Foneso F100 is capable of measuring an incredible 328 feet or 100 meters which is more than what most devices are capable of measuring. Additionally, it measures these long distances accurately and with an error margin of only ⅛ inch.