Finding Quirky or Unique Cabinet Hardware for Your Kitchen

Having quirky unique cabinet hardware can seem like something extra and not needed. However, small things like these can uplift your mood and a touch of personalization and character to what would have been otherwise a very bland room. A kitchen is a place of productivity, and adding in fun and unique pieces can really brighten up the place and make it enjoyable to work there. 

Hardware such as cabinet knobs and drawer handles in different colors and fun designs. This is the best way to add character to boring cabinets. Read ahead to find some quirky unique cabinet hardware that will make you smile every time you see them.

Unique knobs and drawer pulls for kitchen cabinets

Unique knobs and drawer pulls for kitchen cabinets

Other than the plain silver stainless steel knobs, there are many different kinds of knobs and drawer pulls out there on the market that can spice up your kitchen. Below are listed a few that will totally work well with whatever aesthetic your kitchen. Furthermore, they will stand out as decorative pieces. Best of all, they will be functional as well.

Blue Glass Knobs with Bubbles

Made using glass, these knobs are designed to add some ethereal beauty to your kitchen cabinets. With a light blue color, they look to be dainty and delicate but are in fact functional. These knobs have a silver base on the bottom, and the knob itself has bubbles inside it which give off the look of the ocean. These knobs would look great with lighter color cabinets and add in a pop of color. Additionally, they are super simple to install and just need you to screw them into your drawers, and they will be secure enough for you to use. The bottom of the knob is made of metal which adds to the durability of these knobs. 

Art Deco Brass Handles

Brass handles give off a very classy look, and they usually fit in with most aesthetics. These art deco handles come in a variety of sizes that you can fix onto either your kitchen cabinet doors or on your drawers to give them an accent color. The brassy color will also stand out in your kitchen adding a pop of color. These handles are quite versatile as they look good on both black and white cabinets, which most people have. 

Geometric Wood & Stone Fusion

If you are confused between whether to go for ceramic knobs or button knobs, these geometric wood and stone fusion knobs have the best of both worlds. They combine wood and stone semicircles together to make a circular knob. This is held together by a circular metallic piece. It is unique and can add a touch of personality to your kitchen. White marble is used on these knobs. So, using them on black cabinets may help them seem a lot more striking. However, you can simply use them on white cabinets as well as the wood has a lovely cool-toned brown color that will complement it nicely.

Ceramic Melon

The ceramic melon is a unique piece of hardware that is sure to grab anyone’s attention. This exquisite design is both; charming and useful as it has an interesting shape that automatically draws one’s eye towards it. With a white melon shape, this knob is reinforced with dark wood pieces on both the top and the bottom, which adds a nice complementary touch to the all-white melon. This piece certainly falls in the quirky category and can liven up your kitchen.

Amber Glass Bubbles

These knobs are outwardly glass balls but inside, they hold bubbles that are forever immobilized in an interesting pattern. The coloring and the bubbles in this knob make it alluring and create an air of mystery around it. The interesting design forces you to look at them more closely, and admire the beauty of the color and the intricacy of the knob. The amber color is not too bright but bright enough that it will stand out in your kitchen and add in much-needed color to an otherwise monochrome interior.

Handcrafted Distressed Leather

If you want something completely unique and you have a rustic aesthetic, these handcrafted distressed leather handles will look wonderful on drawers and cabinets. Made using distressed leather, these handles change up the materials normally used in hardware and add a texture that is completely unlike anything you may have seen before. These leather handles come in a light brown color that can be used on virtually any cabinet. Not only will it add a unique touch to your kitchen, but it will also add color, and your eyes will automatically be drawn towards it.

Solid Brass Hexagon Knobs

Circular knobs and long handles are pretty standard cabinet hardware. If you want to go for something that is a bit more unique and fresh, then these brass hexagons are something you should consider adding to your kitchen hardware. Different geometric shapes are a great way to add some aesthetic touches to your cabinets. These brass knobs are not super shiny, but their design and color allow them to stand out in your kitchen and add in color and different shapes that can improve the overall feel of your kitchen and make it look a lot more fancier.

Game of Thrones

If you are a big fan of the show and want to be reminded of Game of Thrones even in your kitchen, then this knob is the perfect fit for you. It has the House Stark sigil on it and is colored a dull gold that gives off a sleek look. Additionally, it is a pleasure to touch as it has ridges that feel comfortable in your hand. Hardware such as this one is definitely a statement piece that can bring some personality into your kitchen.   Heck with video games being so popular these days,  you might be able to put in an Xbox as well!

Crystal Pulls

Normally, drawer pulls and cabinet handles are quite basic. They are simply thin metal cylinders attached to your drawers or cabinets. To add a bit of character and style, replace those boring pulls with these crystal pulls that are eye catching. With a repeating geometric pattern, these knobs and pulls are sure to grab attention whenever you walk into your kitchen. Additionally, they will reflect light beautifully and look classy on your kitchen cabinets.

Elephant Cabinet Knobs

These knobs are specially for those who love animals. They are made of metal and are carved to look like an elephant. There are many intricate details on these knobs, which makes them a unique addition to your kitchen. Colored silver, these elephant cabinet knobs will look amazing on dark cabinets where they will get a chance to shine out. Even though these knobs are not circular, they are easy to hold and are gorgeous to look at. 

Antique Brass Cute Bee

If your kitchen has a bit more rustic aesthetic and you want to add something fun and gold, these antique cute bees are the perfect cabinet hardware to add. They are made of high quality brass that introduces outdoor beauty into your indoor kitchen space. This knob has ornate detailing, and an antique finish to it that makes it look alluring, and one’s eye is immediately drawn to it once they enter your kitchen. 

Antique Animal Bird & Insect Knobs

What is better than having one insect or animal knob on your kitchen cabinets? Having multiple different animals, birds, and insects. With these funky knobs, you can add a large variety of animals into your kitchen to give it a unique and fun look. These knobs have an antique look to them, and will, therefore, look good on any aesthetic you have going on, whether that be choc or contemporary. 

Black Mother of Pearl Galaxy Knob

If you want to add different colors all at once, then the diamond mother of pearl galaxy knobs are perfect for you. These knobs feature a black mother of pearl at the center with a delicate gold rim. They are handmade and cut uniquely to show off the other pearl in different ways. These knobs are definitely an accent piece that will add some character to your kitchen cabinets and make everyone double back and look at these knobs again.

Mod Lotus Flower Knob

The Mod Lotus flower knob has an intricate lotus floral design that looks both modern and chic at the same time. The design itself can be considered modern, yet it still has a vintage feel to it. This knob is made using ceramic and has shiny gold accents on it. It is colorful and for sure will act as a pop of color that can help brighten up any space, such as your kitchen. These knobs are approximately 1.75 inches wide and have a 1.3-inch projection.


Unique and quirky pieces can really help liven up your space and add accents that help a room look more cohesive and draw your eyes to a specific location. The knobs listed in this article do just that. Each and every one of them is unique and has a personality of its own. Therefore you or anyone who enters the kitchen is automatically drawn towards them either due to their shape, color, or style.