Finding Replacement Parts for Mighty Mule 500

Having an automatic gate opener is a game-changer. It not only increases efficiency but. also the safety of your home. However, such devices are prone to breaking or needing repairs due to overuse and environmental exposure. Thus, it is important that you know where to get replacement parts if the need arises.

The Mighty Mule 500 is an automatic gate opener that is one of the best heavy-duty gate openers you can get on the market. Additionally, one advantage of this gate opener is that it has replacement parts available. You never want to purchase something that can not be fixed if broken. Fortunately, the Mighty Mule 500 has almost all of its parts available, ready to be ordered if the device ever malfunctions and needs to be replaced or fixed. Finding replacement parts, in general, is quite a difficult task, but fortunately, the Mighty Mule company foreshadowed such issues arising and offered its customer replacement parts if needed. 

Benefits of having a smart gate opener

Benefits of having a smart gate opener

Smart gate openers are slowly becoming more and more popular as people start to value privacy. It is no secret that having a smart gate opener is a great way to up your security and privacy at the same time. Additionally, it has other benefits as well. Let us take a deeper look into them.


Privacy is important for everyone and is something that affects most decisions you make for both yourself and your home. Choosing a gate that is suitable for your property is the best way to ensure your and your family’s privacy. A smart gate places all the safety in the hands of the owner. They can control who enters the property and who leaves, which is the easiest way to keep out unwanted people.


As the control of the gate is handed over to the homeowners, it is convenient to create boundaries. Such boundaries can help avoid dangers. Therefore, a smart gate allows you to ensure the safety of the people living in your house.


Convenience is one of the biggest advantages of having a smart gate. It offers you the ability to control who enters your property from wherever you are. No longer do you have to physically go and check. Instead, you can use either a remote control, a card reader, or a keypad to allow access. 

Push Notifications

Another advantage of having a smart gate opener is that this device can be configured to send notifications to your phone whenever someone approaches the gate. Such an alert can help prevent any breach in security and privacy. It will always keep you posted on who comes in and out of your home, no matter where you are. 

The Mighty Mule 500

For those who value security and privacy, a heavy-duty automatic gate opener is the best solution. The Mighty Mule 500 is exactly that. It is designed to open up gates that are up to 18 feet in length. Additionally, it has a simple installation process and is versatile. Hence, it can work with a wide variety of gate types. Whether you have a chainlink, wood fence, vinyl fence, tube fence, or any other, the Mighty Mule 500 will work with all of them.

Although designed for home use, the Mighty Mule 500 can be used for heavy commercial gates as well. It can easily handle gates that are eight hundred and fifty pounds in weight and are eighteen feet in length. 

Along with being so heavy-duty, the Mighty Mule 500 is a simple-to-use device. It does not require any welding skills or services. You can easily install it yourself if you wish to because everything you need to install this device comes within the box. 

The Mighty Mule 500 is also super affordable and is one of the most high rated automatic gate openers owing to its strength, easy installation, and overall durable construction.

Replacement parts

Replacement parts

There are many environmental factors such as; lightning strikes or power surges that can cause the gate openers to burn out. When such incidents happen, it is essential that you replace the parts with reliable replacement parts so that the gate opener works just like before. These replacement parts should be capable of handling all that the original could so that there are no compromises in either security, privacy, or convenience.

Let us take a look at some replacement parts for the Mighty Mule 500.

Replacement Control Board for Automatic Gate Operators

The R4211 is a replacement control board for the Mighty Mule 500. However, it can be used in a variety of other swing gate openers as well. Models such as the FM520, FM500, MM50, and MM562 can make use of this control board. It is a UL 325 6th edition compliant control board and includes the Mighty Mule exclusive dual sense technology. This technology helps provide you and your family with added protection and safety. This control board is configured to also handle tasks such as push and pull to open and dual gate operation. Furthermore, it can do so through direct power from a solar panel or from an AC transformer. 

If your original control board breaks down, this control board is an ideal replacement as it is built to support Mighty Mule’s automatic gate openers. 

Mighty Mule FM500 RB570 Transformer – 18 Volt/40VA 

A transformer is something else that can be severely damaged due to power surges or other electricity malfunction. In such cases, these Mighty Mule FM500 RB570 replacement transformers are the perfect replacement. This RB570 is essentially an 18 Volt AC transformer that can be used with all UL-rated Mighty Mule automatic gates. These transformers help maintain the battery charge as they provide a trickle charge of power to the battery of the gate opener. 

These transformers work perfectly with models such as the Mighty Mule FM350 and FM500. Additionally, they also have a built-in warning beeper in the control box, which is an added bonus.

HB100 Hardware Brackets FM500

Replacement hardware brackets are a must-have when you get any automatic gate openers. As products like these are in constant use, the parts go through a lot of wear and tear, and this becomes most prominent on parts such as the hardware brackets. As a result, they may break or become extremely worn down. To prevent these from becoming a potential weak point in your security, having replacement brackets on hand is incredibly useful. These are the HB100 hardware brackets that can be used for a number of models, such as the Mighty Mule FM500, FM502, and the FM350.

Mighty Mule GTO Rev Counter Board

One issue that can occur with your smart Mighty Mule FM500 is that the master arm could start malfunctioning or maybe the slave arm. Such malfunctioning is also followed by either three or four beeps which alert you to the fact that the GTO rev counter board for your gate opener has failed. Therefore, a replacement is needed. This replacement comes in the form of a new Mighty Mule GTO rev counter board that you can thankfully purchase. 

This board works perfectly with Mighty Mule FM350, FM352, FM500, FM502, and even FM600. Hence, it is extremely versatile and works for almost all Mighty Mule automatic gate openers. This RVCTBD50 comprises both a rev counter and a limit switch which is essential for keeping your gate opening arm in place. 

(RB500) Standard Replacement Battery

All devices use batteries to operate, and even if your gate opener works using solar-powered panels, it still needs a battery to operate. Batteries are finite and can therefore run out. In such cases, a replacement battery will be needed, which is a standard replacement battery. It is a standard 12 volt, 7.0 amp-hour battery that is maintenance-free. Additionally, it can be used for many different kinds of automatic gates and lasts a long time. The estimated life of this battery is around 3 to 5 years.

Power Cable

A power cable is also something that can break down over years and years of consistent use. Therefore, it is necessary that you have replacements so that if the need arises, you can replace them and avoid any breaches in both your privacy and security.


An automatic or smart gate opener is a huge convenience for those who cannot keep running up to their gate to check who wants to enter their property. It is simply not feasible. A device like the Mighty Mule 500 allows you, as the user, to be at ease in your own home as it provides you with the promise of safety and privacy. This gate opener is built to handle heavy gates with ease due to its durable build. 

However, like all devices, it too can malfunction. This can be due to various different reasons. Lightning strikes, power surges, and more can damage the Mighty Mule 500. Therefore, it is essential that you have replacement parts on hand. Some of the possible parts you may need are listed above.