Manufacturers of Horse Gate Hardware

The importance of building high-quality fencing for horses should not be underestimated. Fencing for horses is a significant investment, that is why there should be careful planning before construction begins. The fences should be adequate enough to safely confine the horses within the property, protecting them from nuisances such as wild animals and unwanted visitors. 

Fencing also keeps the grazing in control and helps in segregating groups of horses according to age, sex, use or value.

When it comes to planning for the horse hardware, making the right decisions is crucial. One of the choices to make is selecting the right quality of equipment to be used in constructing fences. They should be durable, reliable, weather-resistant, and safe. Without good and solid planning, the constructed barriers are most likely to be poorly installed, creating an unsafe place for domestic horses.

Choosing for the right hardware naturally leads you to looking for the right company that manufactures horse fences and gates. If you are looking for horse gate hardware, fortunately, you can find several manufacturers who make good-quality products.

These manufacturers do not only make horse gate hardware. They also make and sell a broad range of horse supplies (like blankets and footwear) and materials for horse fences and stables. Some companies are a one-stop-shop when it comes to supplies not just for the horses and their dwellings, but also for all kinds of pet and farm animals. Not only that, but you can also find information about maintaining the healthy condition of your horses as well as the upkeep of their corrals, pens and stables.

If you are looking for latches, hinges, and closures for your horse gates, you might consider the following manufacturers and some of their best-selling products.

State Line Tack

State Line Tack may be your one-stop shop for horse supplies that include stable supplies, footwear, blankets, both English and Western saddles and tack, and a lot more. It also sells hardware for horse gates to keep the horses safe and secure within the corral. Some of their best-sellers include:

  • Sure-Latch Lockable Two-Way Livestock Gate Latch – This gate releases to allow the gate to swing in either direction. With its convenient one-handed operation, it will enable the gate to be opened in either the left or right direction while you’re on horseback. It is plated with zinc to ensure longevity and provide luster.
  • Horseshoe Stall Door Latch – This horseshoe-shaped door latch can be easily used in either direction., and features a heavy-duty bolt.
  • Powerfields Tall Gate Wheel – The wheels prevent the gates from sinking into the wet ground, and allow for easy opening of the gate in either direction.

Since 2005, has been known for its best offers and deals on a wide array of your favorite horse products. Not surprisingly, it also sells horse gate essentials such as:

  • Black Gate Strap – This is good for temporarily securing the pen and even for holding certain items together while you are doing some assembly work. It usually comes with a heavy-duty alligator clip. The grip becomes tauter as the pressure is applied on the strap.
  • Powerfields Electric Bungy Gate Kit – It consists of a gate hook attachment with a pin lock with a three-hole plate on one end, while the other end of the cord is the heavy-duty gate handle with a flange for shock protection.
  • Large Gate Latch – This durable and versatile latch can also function as a door pull. Ideally used for a gate or door. services to all kinds of pets, barn, and ranch animals with a vast array of products, from medications and vaccines (the founders are real veterinarians, by the way) to fencing and gate hardware. Here are some of their best-selling horse gate hardware:

  • Lone Wolf Gate Latch – This rust-resistant latch can be installed for most types of gates – wood gates, mesh gates, panel gates, cyclone fences and kennels. If you have no idea which type of latch will be suitable for your horse gate, perhaps you should consider this option.
  • Deluxe Gate Latch – Like most latches for horse gates, this option also allows for easy one-handed opening of the gate even when you’re on horseback. It is resistant to rust and frost, and suitable for wood or metal gates
  • 90 Proof Corral Panel Pole Clamp – This pole clamp instantly turns your horizontal fence into a 90-degree angle fence in your pen or corral. The clamp comes with a carriage bolt and nut, which help in securing the vertical post or pipe to the horizontal corral panel.

Martin Ranch Supply

Founded in 1974, Martin Ranch Supply is truly an established name when it comes to ranch and barn supplies and equipment in Sonoma County, California. It sells a wide variety of supplies such as horse gate hardware like:

  • Hinges – such as bolt hinge, bulldog hinge, frame hinge, lag hinge, pintle hinge, pipe post hinge and a lot more
  • Latches – Cannonball latch, flatback butterfly latch, flatback fork latch, Kant-slam latch, kiwi latch, sure latch and one-way sure latch, among many others.
  • Gate wheels, for easier closing and opening.