How Strong Are Cattle Gate Latches?

Cattle housing and handling require well-designed fences, gates, as well as latches. They keep the animals securely contained, ensure their top condition and well-being, as well as provide a safe environment for the farm workers.

This is why it is important to have strong cattle latches to make farm and ranch animal handling management easy and safe.

Many cattle and horse gates can simply latch with a chain that wraps around a post to keep the gate shut. However, there are other types of cattle gate latches that are meant for more frequent use. That is why they have to be strong and durable. They should also designed in a way that enables efficient opening and closing. Latches also help keep the gate tightly shut without sagging or swinging. it.

Many cattle gate latches are self-locking for easier and more efficient cattle and livestock management. There is not one design for cattle gate latches, but they are designed and tailored according to specific requirements and situations, as well as gate designs. There is at least a handful of types of cattle gate latches, some working better depending on the type of farm gate you use or need.

  • Tubular gate latch – It is also called round tube gate latch. It is a set of a couple of latches that are fitted on the tube design. One latch rests on the vertical pipe, while the other latch rests on the opposite gate’s vertical pipe to help keep the gate secure.
  • Rancher latch – If you are a rancher, this type of gate latch is the most suitable for your needs. It is specifically designed to open or close the gate easily without dismounting from the horseback (or while going on foot).
  • Corral gate latch – Corral gate latches typically consist of a heavy-duty spring-loaded pin and threaded pin (or plunger adjustment) to adjust the pin to the catching device.
  • Livestock gate latch – Livestock gate latches work for self-locking gates and make an excellent option for easy access inside the corral. This type of latch offers safety and convenience for those who operate it.

Cattle are strong and curious animals. They will tackle with anything that catches their attention – including loose fittings. They would also sometimes rub their bodies against fences or gates to relieve their itching or to remove winter coats, which cause the fittings to come loose further.

But you don’t have to worry – while most of these latches are easy to operate by humans, your cattle won’t be able to tamper them. These latches mentioned above are durable and designed in a way that animals won’t be able to interfere with.

When you have to buy the best cattle gate latch, it is mandatory to read the best cattle gate latch reviews to make a better decision. The following are some of the best cattle gate latches in the market that you should consider.