How To Get a Foolproof Security System At Your Home?

With break-in and theft reports lacing the news headlines almost every other day, it has become imperative to equip your house with a foolproof security system if you dwell in a city or suburb. Statistics released by authorities reveal an alarming spike in the number of gang burglaries in urban areas. As criminals become more sophisticated in their crimes, we too have to take extra safety measures to ward any prowling hands off our family and property. 

With a foolproof security system, you can take a peaceful vacation without having to worry about your premises the whole time. Similarly, working parents can fully concentrate when at work without the thought of their child’s well-being constantly troubling them. Thanks to smart technologies, like facial recognition, intruder alarms, and surveillance cameras, you can now monitor your premises even when you are an ocean away.

Are you ready to invest in a foolproof security system but not sure where to start? Worry not, for we have prepared the ultimate guide to get a foolproof security system at your home, with additional tips from police officials. Stay with us as we arm you with all the necessary information and walk you through each step, from installing surveillance cameras to setting burglar alarms!

Make a Rough Sketch of Everyone’s Needs

The first and foremost step to installing a foolproof security system is to assess your needs and those of your family members. Most people are tempted by the name recognition of high-end brands and thus end up spending hefty amounts on devices they do not even require. To avoid wasting money on devices with unrequited features, hold a family meeting and get everyone’s insight, so you may invest in a security system that fulfills every family member’s unique security needs. For instance, if a person in your family suffers from epileptic seizures or high blood pressure, you should look for a security system including medical components that allow you to call for help.

Research and Test

Once you have assessed your needs and have a rough sketch of the features you require in your foolproof security system, it is time to pull out your computer and scour the internet to find which brands will accommodate your specific needs. Almost every day, a new and more advanced security device hits the market, so you will be able to find the perfect security system that fits your unique needs without much hassle. However, it is necessary to research every device before buying it to avoid any scams or issues. When shopping online, pay close attention to customer ratings and reviews but when shopping from a local distributor, test each component before making any purchases. Also, check the brand’s return and warranty policies: this way, you will know beforehand what steps to take if the device does not function properly. 

Get a Security Alarm System

An image showing a security alarm. 

Installing a security alarm system is undoubtedly the most popularly used technique in home protection. These home alarm systems are easy to operate and light on the pocket. Most of them use infrared radiations to detect intruders and work by ejecting a loud sound to alert you of any imminent danger. It also does a great job at scaring away potential burglars and thieves, as once they spot an alarm system in your house, they will forsake any attempt of trespassing your premises.

Install a Surveillance System

An image showing security cameras installed on a building

If you do not feel secure with just an alarm system, you can also install a surveillance system. It is a more advanced security system that comprises concealed and visible security cameras spread throughout your home. While visible cameras are a means of warning to intruders, hidden cameras serve as a backup. In case the visible cameras are destroyed, hidden cameras will monitor and record the movement of intruders. Security cameras will not secure your house but also prove a valuable asset for the whole neighborhood. 

Secure Your Doors

Investing in a foolproof door will significantly improve your home security. Experienced burglars can break through doors of plywood or hollow wood without a hitch. On the other hand, doors made of solid wood or metal are impenetrable. 

Another security measure that will fortify your entrances against intruder attacks is installing deadbolt locks. Although they are a bit costly, deadbolt locks are sturdier and more unassailable than ordinary spring latch locks. Security specialists recommend installing a one-inch thick deadbolt lock to all exterior doors in your house. It is necessary to ensure that no space is left between the doors and door frames as it allows the intruders to force the door apart. To minimize this space, you can use plywood or reinforce the door with metal sheets. 

Lastly, if your door has hinges on the outside, reset all of them on the inside. Hinge pins can easily be picked and removed from the exterior, allowing burglars to break into your house. 

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Subscribe to an Alarm Monitoring Service

Unlike installing an alarm system, subscribing to a monitoring service is quite expensive. However, it offers much more security than the above-mentioned techniques. In alarm monitoring, your home security alarm is connected to the central station of your security provider. It works this way: in case of an intruder attack, your alarm will go off and relay the sound to the central monitoring center, which will alert and dispatch the appropriate authorities to your home. 

Opt for Professional Installation

Although DIY installation might seem like an economical option, getting professional help to set up your security system will prove beneficial in the long run. 

Many new security systems include high-tech automation features that you might not be familiar with; in such a case, getting professional installation will allow you to ask company representatives questions about different features and their functionality. Getting acquainted with new technology at your home will help you feel more at ease, especially if you are not very good at handling technology.

Ensure Compatibility With your Whole Smart Home Ecosystem

A mistake commonly made by people when choosing a home security system is not checking if it is compatible with their other smart devices. A home security system compatible with smart devices like Alexa, Siri, and Google assistant will prevent any setup issues. If you have multiple smart devices at home, look for a security system that offers compatibility with your whole smart ecosystem. 

The Takeaway

The steps mentioned above will allow you a start strong in setting up a foolproof security system; however, remember that this is a learning process. Now that you are equipped with all the necessary information, it is time for you to go out and scour for the perfect home security system for your needs! Remember to test each component of the security system you are buying to avoid any setup issues later on.