Vintage Glass Cabinet Knobs – Are They Real or Fake?

Glass cabinet knobs are among the most favored home décor pieces. Their shine and sparkle bring more than a mere semblance of luxury. Furthermore, they add a significant enhancement and finishing touch to any bedroom, powder room, kitchen, or bathroom. Such elegant-looking cabinet knobs can even bring an added value to your … Read more

Unusual Knobs or Drawers Pulls Throughout History

Cabinet hardware provides functionality to our space. But for many centuries, it has been giving our furniture more than mere usefulness. The history of cabinet hardware is a bit more interesting than you may think. Because cabinet hardware is so ubiquitous those handles, knobs and pulls are everywhere – not a lot … Read more

Origami Racks Offer More Than Just Shelves

Imagine coming to a home that’s dirty, cluttered, and disorganized – with clothes, toys, books, papers, and anything else strewn all over the place. Would you feel serene seeing all such riotous disarray? Can you focus on your task and not being distracted by the clutter in front of you? While a … Read more

Can You Use Moveable Islands in Small Kitchens?

Adding an island in a small and tight kitchen seems absurd at first. The floor space is already low, and adding an island will take up more floor space than you think you’d wish to give.  Fortunately, it is still possible to add an island to a kitchen that’s already short of … Read more

Where to Place Hardware on Cabinets

hardware on cabinets

Often, it is the smallest of details that can have a tremendous impact on the overall aesthetic and functionality of your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room. And so, a cabinet and drawer hardware can have such impact. Aside from paint, a cabinet and drawer hardware is one of the cost-effective ways … Read more

Major Brands and Manufacturers of Automatic Gate Openers

Major Brands and Manufacturers of Automatic Gate Openers

If you have finalized the decision to install a sliding or swinging automatic gate opener for your office or personal residence, you might face the challenge of deciding what manufacturer or brand to go with. You’ll need to evaluate the technical specifications and the quality offered by each manufacturer. While there’s a … Read more

Tips for Maintaining an Automatic Gate

Maintaining an Automatic Gate

You can expect to reap several benefits once you install an automatic gate at your residence. To begin, the gate improves the security and privacy at your home, so you need not to worry about suspicious individuals walking into your driveway. Also, most of these gates are aesthetically appealing and can add … Read more

Tips for Installing an Automatic Gate

Installing an Automatic Gate

Gone are the days when automatic gates were specifically used to guard entrances in mansions and private estates. Today, there’s a big demand for them from homeowners who are looking for equipment that is capable of protecting their belongings. Not only does an automatic gate improve the safety of your family and … Read more