Materials Used to Make SAE Bolts

Materials Used to Make SAE Bolts

Steel comes in a variety of grades for bolts. The torque that the bolt can withstand and the tightness of the fastened joint increase with the tensile strength of the steel. The Society of Automotive Engineers developed a marking system that uses raised dashes on the bolt head to signify strength, and … Read more

What Is an SAE Bolt Thread Size?

Close-up of scattered nuts and bolts on white background.

In the engineering world, having standardized bolts and fasteners are extremely important. They allow workers all around the world to know exactly which bolt works where and if needed, they can replace them with ease. This standard sizing is done by SAE, who have set up one of many standards. This sizing … Read more

The Most Common SAE and Metric Bolt Sizes

A bolt is a type of hardware that you need to join or assemble two or more things together. Bolts are similar to screws – the difference is that the former are typically fastened and secured by a nut.  Manufacturers identify bolts and screws based on type, length, pitch (threads per inch … Read more