Mig Welder Plasma Cutter Combo

Combo welders are the welding machines that are capable of welding multiple processes. The combo welder machines are also equipped with the capability to cut the material with the plasma cutter technology. Such a welder machine is called a combo welder machine.

One of the most common combinations of the combo welders is the Mig Welder and Plasma Cutter combo. Mig Welder is the most useful welder machine which allows you to weld different types of machines with it such as aluminum, stainless steel, silicon bronze, copper, nickel, magnesium, and other alloys. Another great advantage of Mig welding is thatwelders are equipped with all-position welding capabilities. So, the combination of the Mig Welders and the Plasma Cutter is the best combination for a professional welder.

Can A MIG Welder Be Used As A Plasma Cutter?

A MIG Welder is a welding machine that is used to join two metals together. A Plasma Cutter is a machine that is used to cut metals. The functions of the Mig Welder and Plasma Cutter are the opposite of each other – joining metals and cutting metals.

A Mig Welder Machine is different from the Plasma Cutter in many perspectives.

A MIG Welder cannot be utilized as the Plasma Cutter at all. There are many operational differences between MIG welder machine and a Plasma Cutter. A plasma cutter is a machine that uses the constant-current type of voltage, whereas Mig Welder only utilizes the constant voltage type. A Plasma Cutter also requires the generalized arc starting circuit for the creation of the arc between the work-piece and the electrode.

A lot of changes are required for transforming your MIG Welder machine into a Plasma Cutter. Plasma Cutter utilizes the higher frequency and the higher-voltage for initializing the ionization of the gas. Most wire-feed welders are the DC (Direct Current). Some expensive models have an AC (Alternating Current) supply of electricity. So it can be safely said that the DC Mig Welder Machine or AC Mig Welder machines do not have the higher-frequency and the higher-voltage for starting the ionization of the gas.

Modifications can be made into the Mig Welder Machines for transforming it into a Plasma Cutter and Mig Welder Machine. But a lot of investment of money and time is required along with possible dangers. So, it would be better to buy a plasma cutter instead.

Can You Weld With A Plasma Cutter?

Plasma Cutter can be effectively used for welding as a welder machine. There are many types of equipment required that will enable the Plasma cutter to be switched to the welding mode. Equipment such as Nitrogen-Water Injection and Accurate Torch Design are some of the equipment required that will enable you to weld with a Plasma Cutter. So, welding can be done with a Plasma Cutter.

Are Combo Welders Any Good?

A machine that can weld in different welding processes as well as cut the metal is the ideal machine for the professionals. There are multiple advantages of the Combo Welders which are given below:

i. Efficient Performance:Most of the professionals opt for the Combo Welders because Combo Welders perform highly, giving out the optimum results. Combo Welders can be used to cut metals. Later professionals can weld in Tig, Mig, or Flux Core as their project requires Combo Welder Machines. So, it saves a lot of time for the professionals, making tasks and work easier for them.

ii. Compact and Small-Sized Welder Machines:The combo welder machines are compact and small. You do not need to buy separate welder machines of Tig, Mig, or Flux Core. If you have a combo welder machine, you will only have to store one machine instead of two to three machines. This is a major benefit for the professionals who have smaller shops or have no garages or shops at all.

iii. Convenient Operation and Portability:The Combo Welder machine can be easily operated. The welder can efficiently switch between different modes and weld or cut according to the job requirement. Welder machines are also portable, which means they can be carried around most effectively. So, Combo welder machines offer greater convenience to the welders.

What’s The Best Plasma Cutter For The Money?

Many companies are offering the best plasma cutters for the money paid. Shopping for electrical technical fabrication can be frustrating. We have compiled a list of qualities that will help you in buying the perfect plasma cutter. The best plasma cutter has the following qualities:

I. Cutting-Edge Plasma Cutting Performance

The best plasma cutter is equipped with the Cutting-Edge Plasma Cutting Performance technology. This technology allows the plasma cutter to cut the metal swiftly and cleanly.

Ii. State-Of-The-Art Consumable Technology

It produces a better rate of the cut quality with clean and faster speed cuts. The state-of-the-art consumable technology allows the Plasma Cutter to cut the metal precisely and effectively.

iii. Precise and Versatile Cuts

The best plasma cutter has the torches that are versatile and precise. When the cutting is done precisely, it reduces the grinding time. Versatile torch allows you to cut at different positions and angles. You can also perform in piercings and carry out the welding repairs.

iv. Easy-To-Use Plasma Cutter

The Plasma Cutter must be designed in a way that it can be used conveniently by the beginners. The operative functions should be comprehensively designed to facilitate the beginners and the professionals to use the Plasma Cutter.

v. Lightweight and Portable

The Plasma Cutter should be lightweight and portable so that you can transfer it from one location to another. The lightweight Plasma Cutters can be used to perform different projects at one day, increasing your daily income level. So, plasma cutters should be lightweight and portable.


The Mig welder and Plasma Cutter is the most excellent and practical combo that will prove to be very handy. You can weld with a plasma cutter by making a few changes in it. However, you cannot cut with a welder machine as it would be very dangerous. Instead, you must buy a separate plasma cutter.