Making the most of Slatwall Fixtures

Slatwall is a very functional product and has been the choice of many vendors for many years to display the products they are selling. A lot of shop owners and managers keep their displays limited and basic though. There are a lot more things you can get out of Slatwall display with some additional steps in the process.

Why choose Slatwall over other display options?

There are two main reasons Slatwall remains popular and gets chosen time after time and those are its long life span and how adaptable it is.

Longer life span – For many vendors when they choose a display option they are looking for something durable that will last many years so that they do not have to spend more money on new fixtures. Slatwall is one of the more durable options, using aluminum extrusions helps.

Adaptability – There is a lot of flexibility in how you can use the different units and display fixtures. When new products need to be made prominent so customers want to buy them, you can adapt what you have in Slatwall fixtures to achieve it.

Additional steps that would improve how it looks

With just a few considerations you could take it from an everyday display to something different that customers really notice. They include;

  1. Changing the color of the display unit – A lot of people choose the light wood shade when they buy their Slatwall displays and while that is a great option, you could make your shop stand out by opting for something else. There are other options, in fact, you could get it in almost any color, so think about what would look best in your shop other than light wood.
  2. Change the materials involved – Plywood is not the only option so you could take another look at the materials and choose something different. You might choose plastic, actual wood or even metal.
  3. Put in an aluminum extrusion – As well as these being a great idea to add strength to the panels it is also a great look. This looks a lot more appealing than the MDF edge look you have without them.
  4. Consider the laminate you are using – On the face of your Slatwall is laminate. A lot of buyers do not realize that when they choose Slatwall display panels they can select the texture and type of laminate they put on them. There are actually a lot of opportunities here to create a very customized and unique look. You can really enhance the appearance of the products you are displaying and improve your sales.


Slatwall fixtures are a great way to display items you want to show off or to sell, but there is a lot more you can do with it then some think. Step away from the usual and consider being bolder. Or hire a retail display designer to help you come up with something that really works with the kind of products you want to sell.