Maintaining and repairing your Alaskan Mill

When you decide to invest in an Alaskan Mill, USA then it is worth also having the right tools to best maintain it, sharpen it and make small repairs when needed. You can protect your investment and extend its lifespan by quite a good amount when you properly maintain your chainsaw and mill. You can also make the tool easier to use, safer to use and more productive too. From the engine to the guide bar, the drive sprocket to the saw chain maintenance issues come up, and having the right tools is the best solution.

The file n joint for sharpening

There are all kinds of versions of this tool from different makers though the original with the above name is from Granberg. It is a file guide sharpening system and mounts straight onto the guide bar of the chainsaw. It is portable so you can take it with you when you use your mill elsewhere and keep it sharp. It lowers the depth gauges very precisely and sharpens the saw chain’s major pitches.

A break n mend tool for chain repair

This is a great tool to have on hand with your Alaskan mill when you need some on-the-job repairs to happen. It works on all common saw chain sizes thanks to its adjustable spinner head and anvils. Using a handshake grip it means you can handle a lot of pressure, it is portable and it is easy to use. You can even repair old chain revets and then reuse them if you need to.

A pitch n gauge for 8 measurement checks

If you are having issues with how your chainsaw is performing on your Alaskan Mill USA, you might need the pitch n gauge tool. This is a fantastic tool that you just keep in your pocket and carry around with you when you are using the mill. It allows you to check 8 measurements all in one tool. Those measurements are;

  1. 35 degree filing angle
  2. Bar groove gauge check
  3. Drive link gauge check
  4. 30 degree filing angle
  5. File size check
  6. Tooth length check
  7. Pitch check
  8. Depth gauge check

A grind n joint for sharpening with a grinding wheel

This tool is a 12-volt sharpening tool used for professional millers or for those who frequently mill. It is 24,000 rpm so you get fast sharpening and you get very fine depth gauges and cutters. To sharpen the common pitches on the chain of your Alaskan Mill you just need to fit the right grinding wheel and on the height plate, set the matching marks. It has been on the market for several decades and is popular for its durability, efficiency and how easy and fast it makes chain sharpening. It is portable, you just need to be able to hook it up to a 12-volt battery. Bring your chain’s edge back to like new without having to head to someone else to do it for you. Increase your productivity and decrease your downtime.