Lift-up Hot Tub Cover

Most hot tub covers are large, bulky, and complex to move. That’s why manufacturers have created various lift systems that make opening and closing the covers much more straightforward.

Hot tub cover lifter is designed to remove and replace hot tubs easily and effectively with little assistance from the user. Today, we’ll show you how to install the most common hot tub cover risers and what to consider.

Lift Up Hot Tub Cover Working Mechanism

Among the most common cover lift systems is this actuator-powered lift-up mechanism. Generally, a cover lift has a brace at the fold of the cover. After releasing the locks on the front of the cover, you need to fold the front cover over this brace. The cover is then mechanically lifted off the hot tub surface and held behind.

In the case of automated models like the one shown in the video below, when the appropriate button is pressed or tapped on the control system, the cover lifts gently without human assistance.

The technology behind the system in the hot tub cover above is a rotary linear actuator. This works by using linear motion to extend and retract the rod.

When installed into the hot tub cover, they simply push the cover up, for opening, and down to close it.

How to Lift an Hot Tub Cover using Linear Actuators

If you want to build an automated hot tub cover lifter using a linear actuator, here’s a quick and easy guide to get you started. But first, you’ll need a few things.

You’ll need a linear actuator that can handle the weight and size of your hot tub cover and some mounting brackets to secure the actuator.

Next, an actuator control system like a switch or control box is necessary and, of course, you need a power supply to power the actuator.

Now, here are the steps:

  1. Figure out where to mount your linear actuator. Look at your hot tub and find the perfect spot for the actuator. You want it to be balanced and have enough clearance.
  2. Measure 7 inches from the true corner of the hot tub. For cornered round tubs, you need to pencil out the straight lines to draw the true corner on the deck or floor where the spa is installed.
  3. Mount a bracket to the tub (must be the same on both sides of the spa). Don’t forget to follow the actuator manufacturer’s instructions for this part.
  4. Mount the linear actuator onto those brackets you just installed. Use the proper hardware and make sure everything is aligned.
  5. Follow the wiring diagram that came with the actuator to hook it up to the control system. You might need to connect some wires to a switch or control box.
  6. Apply some power to the control system and give your hot tub cover lifter a test run.

Why Do You Need a Hot Tub Cover Lifter?

Equipping your tub with a cover lifter means you no longer have to handle insulated hot tub covers which are often heavy, about 50 to 70 pounds. When you need to use the hot tub, all you have to do is activate your lifter and let it do its thing.

Also, a cover lifter can improve safety. Without a lifter, you may be tempted to leave the cover off, which can pose a risk of accidents or debris falling into the hot tub. With a lifter, you can easily and conveniently remove and replace the cover, ensuring that your hot tub remains clean and safe for use every time.

Uses Of a Hot Tub Cover

Heat retention

An isothermal cover is designed to insulate and retain the heat inside the tub. It helps to minimize heat loss due to evaporation, conduction, and radiation.

This lets the tub maintain a constant temperature. It reduces the energy consumption needed to heat the water and helps reduce your electricity bills.

Energy saving

By preventing heat loss, a hot tub cover reduces the energy needed to keep the water at the desired temperature.

This makes it an environmentally friendly and economical choice because you use less electricity or gas to heat your tub.

Debris protection

A thermal cover also acts as a physical barrier against debris such as leaves, branches, insects, and other dirt. As a result, you spend less time cleaning your tub and removing unwanted particles from the water.


If you have children or pets, a cover partly secures your tub thanks to the protective layer it forms. It can support the weight of a person or animal, reducing the risk of accidental falls into the water when not in use.


In general, a hot tub cover lifter is an excellent addition to your tub setup. It is a mechanized system that allows the thermal cover to be removed or put on effortlessly. A tub cover will help you maintain the quality and warmth of your water. More importantly, a tub cover lifter simplifies the task of opening and closing your hot tub.

If you’re ready to upgrade your hot tub with an automated cover lifter and need further guidance, contact our team and we’ll be happy to help.