Invisia Corner Shelf and Integrated Support Rail Review


Created in 2008, Invisia is best known for creating attractive bathroom accessories with a safety factor added to their use. Invisia has very artistically blended style and safety needs to keep people safe while contributing elegance and sophistication in the bathroom décor. Specializing in grab bars, Invisia has novelized the philosophy of bathroom safety.

The initiative behind Invisia creations is the philosophy that elegance, utility and safety can very creatively be blended together to produce a unique accessory. It is very much possible for a stunning accessory to act as a security aid as well. It can be elegant and functional, attractive and safe at the same time.


Corner Shelf and Integrated Support Rail:

A typical blend of beauty and safety is Invisia’s Corner Shelf and Integrated Support Rail. Yes, this is not just a shelf to display and store your toiletries; it is a strong and sturdy grab bar too. Let’s scrutinize its features.


Prominent Features of the Invisia Corner Shelf and Integrated Support Rail:

  • Style: A blend of grab bar and corner shelf.
  • Weight Capacity: The support rail can bear 350 lbs/159kg of weight at a time.
  • Dual Purpose Corner Shelf: This simple and elegant bathroom shelf ensures safety needs as it is provided with a strong grab bar.
  • Shatter Proof Surface: The shelf surface is sleekly carved out of the elegant, shatter proof Du Pont Corian. Its surface resists the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew.
  • Removable Shelf: The shelf is easily removable making cleaning a hassle free task.
  • Easy Installation: It is pretty easy to install the shelf and it can be mounted securely on any type of surface with equal convenience.
  • Concealed Wall Mounting: This corner shelf is provided with concealed wall mounts and discreet screws to give a neat and tidy finished look.
  • Strong and Sturdy Fixation: To maximize the contact support, the rail has four points of wall contacts. So it is strongly screwed to the wall providing rock-solid support and can bear about 350 lbs of weight which equals to 159kg!
  • Corrosion Resistant: The bright polished chrome finish makes the rails corrosion resistant, increasing its durability and life.
  • Warranty: This Invisia Corner Shelf is provided with limited life time warranty.


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Concluding Remarks:

Since 2008, Invisia has been blending together creative styles and safety needs to create its range of incredible bathroom accessories. The Invisia Corner Shelf with Integrated Support Rail incorporates elegance, style and security. It takes up very little space in your shower and adds style to its décor. The integrated support rail provides rock solid support, in case you need it. The bright polished chrome finish of the rail is corrosion resistant and can withstand the humid conditions typical of a bathroom. The item is supported by the manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. It is available over at