How to Sand Spindles on Different Wooden Parts

Sanding spindles on wood is a tricky task. Spindles are an essential part of the woodwork. They are mostly used on the foot of tables or other kinds of furniture. They are also used as supports for railings or decks. As we all know, they are a little tricky to sand, so I am here to give you all the important information, tips, and tricks on how to sand spindles on wood. Make sure to read this article till the end to get all the important information.

Ways to Sand Spindles on Wooden Parts

Now, there are two different ways to sand spindles on wooden parts. One is by hand, and another one is by machine. Both are useful in their own ways. Sanding by hand takes more effort and time, whereas sanding by the machine doesn’t. If you are working on a household or small project, then I will suggest you go for sanding with hand. On the other hand, if you are a carpenter or someone who has to deal with sanding often, invest in a spindle sander. You surely won’t regret it as it will make the process of sanding easier and less time taking. I hope that I have explained the difference clearly and now it will be easy for you to choose between both methods.

I will explain both of them thoroughly, so you don’t have any confusion left. Now without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

Sanding Spindles on Different Wooden Parts by Hand

The very first step is to look for suitable sandpaper. The sandpaper that you opt for should not be too harsh or coarse. Your sandpaper should be of a fine grade for that perfect finish. Spindles should be sanded with great attention and care. Now, if it is possible, try to place the spindle in a position that the grain of the wood runs vertically on it. The reason for doing this is that when you sand against the grain, there is a chance for it to leave permanent scratches or marks. Hence, it is suggested to place it vertically.

Now the main trick is to place the sandpaper around your wooden spindle and move it back and forth. Keep changing the angle of sandpaper as you proceed. Make sure that you continue sanding the wood until you have your desired results. On the round parts of the spindle, use narrow strips for better results.

Lastly, rub the sanded parts of the spindle with the help of tack cloth to get rid of the access wood.

Sanding Spindles on Different Wooden Parts by Machine

The next method of sanding spindles includes a machine. First of all, either buy or rent a spindle sander. A spindle sander is a special machine that is used to smooth the pieces of wood that are either round or curved. They require some practice; hence spindle sander is not suggested if you are a beginner. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some are like a vacuum cleaner that runs on the floor; some are fitted on benches; some are handheld portable machines.

All you have to do with them is to sand the desired area with long and smooth strokes. Two things that you need to keep in your mind are that don’t leave the machine in one place for a long time, and second, don’t push too hard while sanding with a spindle sander. The trick is to make a long sweep and some passes while you are sanding a long piece of wood. Finish it off by rubbing the sanded parts with the help of a tack cloth, as always.

Wrapping it up

I hope that this article was very beneficial for you. I have stated all the important techniques of sanding a spindle. You can choose any of the two methods. It depends on you. Remember that sanding is an art that requires practice.