How to make your bathroom more welcomed and comfortable!

Beyond being a place of cleaning, your bathroom can also turn into a sanctuary of enjoyment and refreshing before you come out. To make your bathroom more comfortable and just like the sanctuary you want it to be, here are some simple tricks to follow:

Install a shower head in your bathroom

One of the most important decisions in a bathroom is which is better: a bath or a shower? A showerhead makes bathing more enjoyable and pleasant the same way you enjoy being under the rain. Right in your bathroom, having something similar to raindrops could make all the difference.

Play with colours

Let your bathroom be colourful by playing with colours. Make a bold statement with colours. Do not be afraid to mix colours. However, let the colours complement one another. It is also advisable you use lively colours.

Invest in good and comfortable towels

Get cute and comfortable towels for your bathroom. Ensure that the towels are soft on the skin and plush. It will be a bonus if the towels are heated and stored in a rack.

Get a bathtub

To replicate the spa experience in your bathroom, you must get a tub. You can always rest a while and even soak in special baths in your tub before you step out of your bathroom.

Enclose the tub

To make your tub more romantic, you can enclose it. This means you separate it from the room using a colourful curtain. The seclusion adds a touch of class and elegance to your bathroom.

Invest in a good mirror

A mirror is one of the highlights of a bathroom. You must get a mirror that you cannot stop looking at. Take time out to clean your mirror and make it sparkling. You can also invest in good bathroom furniture and change them when they get old. You should not only change bath furniture but you need to also decorate it properly.

Invest in a good toilet paper

You will be needing a lot of tissue rolls in the bathroom for various reasons. Try getting a soft and plush tissue roll. You can even get a branded and decorated one, and store it nicely.

Ensure your bathroom walls are not bare

Asides your bathroom walls being coated with colourful paints, you can decorate them with art. Hang colourful pictures and frames on the wall. You can also get an artist to make some drawings on the wall.

Decorate your bathroom with plants

Get potted plants and put them in strategic places in your bathroom. You can also get fresh flowers and put in a beautiful vase to decorate your bathroom.

Get a good rug or carpet to put on the floor

It would not look nice if your bathroom floor is bare. If there is still room, you can cover the remaining area with a beautiful rug or carpet

Have a bath tray

This is very important for the bathtub. You can eat, read, drink, etc. while in your bathtub. On a bath tray, you can easily place these items and get on with whatever you want to do.


This is inescapable if you truly want a comfortable bathroom. Ensure you invest in the best of fragrances you can afford. You can mix two or more similar fragrances to get your unique smell.

Equip your bathroom with luxurious bathing products

Invest in luxurious bathing products such as good soaps, shower gels, scrubs, etc. Make a bath experience in your bathroom sublime for everyone who enters.

Get candles, crystals and roses

Candles and roses help to lift the atmosphere in your bathroom. They are perfect for romantic evenings with your partner. However, be careful when using candles so as not to fall victim of a fire outbreak.

Keep your bathroom clean always

No matter how decorate your bathroom is, a dirty bathroom is a huge turn-off. Cleanliness is one of the main things that help make our bathroom more comfortable.