Electrical Problems with Furnace Blower Fan

Electrical issues with furnace blower fans are usually caused by faulty or loose wiring. If you notice that your furnace blower fan (during the heating mode) is either running all the time or not at all, you probably have a problem with the electrical circuit. 

This can also happen when your furnace runs at an abnormal speed or makes a noise when it’s supposed to be off. In this case, you need to bring the pros to conduct heating repair in Rathdrum, ID.

This article will explain the things you need to know about blower fan issues on your furnace. Keep reading below! 

Furnace Blower Fan Circulates the Heated Air in Your Home

Furnace blower fans circulate air throughout a home, so temperatures will remain even from room to room during the heating season. Many times, these units work on alternating current. In older homes, where fuse boxes were used instead of circuit breakers for protection, a short circuit to the fan could overheat and trip the fuses.

If not replaced, these fuses will burn out and require you to reset them. When you notice this problem, schedule a heating repair in Rathdrum, ID to avoid costly issues with the other nearby parts that might get damaged as well. 

Furnace Wiring Controls Your Central Home Heating System

A standard 3-speed furnace blower fan is controlled by rotating switches on the unit’s control board. During the heating season, one of two voltage supply wires (black or red) supplies power to the low speed; black for high speed or red for medium speed. 

The other wire (white) supplies power to all three speeds when in cooling mode during the summer months. Any issue with this wiring can affect the performance of your unit. Schedule a heating repair in Rathdrum, ID right away. 

As with any electrical appliance that operates from an alternating current source, it has two hot wire connections with a polarity charge 120 degrees apart as measured between peaks of sine waves at 60 hertz AC.

Furnace blower motors should have a capacitor to compensate for voltage drops in the circuit. The capacitor is used to power the motor while it builds up inertia by storing energy. 

If there are no fuses or blown fuses between the furnace control breaker and the unit, check the control board switches for continuity. This means that closing one switch must show continuity through another two switches. Also, check each of these three switches for continuity when all are closed. This will ensure that there are no bad connections at any of these points.

Common Issue With Your Running Heating System

A common problem with an operating furnace fan is noise coming from where it’s mounted on a wall or ceiling, inside the basement or attic spaces, or even after being taken down during maintenance.

The first thing to do is disconnect power and check for any loose screws, nuts and bolts on the unit.

If you suspect that there isn’t a problem with your furnace fan control board, then check each capacitor for continuity and replace it if necessary. If you don’t have a meter, consult the pros for heating repair in Rathdrum, ID, as this can be dangerous if not done properly. Replacing bad capacitors will solve 90 percent of these kinds of problems related to furnace fans. 

Call the Experts to Solve Your Furnace Blower fan Issues! 

When it comes to wiring, always remember this: if in doubt, call a professional! Mishandling the wiring connection may cause hazards to your system, your property, and your safety. 

Get a professional heating repair in Rathdrum, ID from Bill’s Heating & A/C by calling 208-777-5528 today! They service all makes and models of heating systems at a competitive cost. 

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