Curved Shower Rods – When You Need More Room

Adding a curved shower rod to your bathroom is more than just for aesthetic reasons. This updated variant of the shower rod is bent out in the middle, which pushes the shower curtain further away from the shower wall. As a result, it provides more room for the shower area and makes the entire bathroom look more luxurious.

If the size of your bathroom has limited square footage, do not let that deter you from creating a roomy and luxurious shower area.  Curved shower rods are a cost-effective solution to create not just an illusion of space for the shower area, but augment some actual additional room to it. You do not have to subject to costly remodels.

Most people want to install a curved shower curtain rod because they want to add more room to the shower area. The bowed-out middle area of a curved shower curtain pushes it away from the shower stall. As a result, it creates additional room in the shower area so that you can move around as much as you need. A spacious shower area is convenient, especially for disabled people who may require more room to enter and exit the shower area, as well as to move around the shower room.

Curved shower rods also make bathrooms look more luxurious. Even if you have a simple shower curtain, you can see the big difference when you install a curved shower rod. Your bathroom will instantly look like an upscale bathroom from a five-star hotel!

Just like you would do to a straight rod, you will also need an extra long shower curtain to the curved shower rod, especially if you install it on high walls.

Since the bent-out middle of the rod pushes it away enough from the shower area, it means fewer chances that the shower curtain will get splattered by the water. So, less wet and icky shower curtain!

Rotating curved shower rods

Some ingenious folks came up with a rotating curved shower rod which allows you to rotate the rod into the shower and out of the way. This type of curved shower rod is the most ideal when the toilet is located right outside the shower. With just a flick of the wrist, the curve of the rotating shower rod flips into the shower or the toilet area to instantly create more space for either of them.

Probably the biggest advantage of using a rotating curved shower rod is flexibility. Whether you need to take a shower or use a toilet, flipping the curve of the shower curtain rod gives you the amount of bathroom space you need.
If you want more room for your shower without subjecting yourself to expensive remodels, the curved shower curtain may be the one you need!

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