Benefits to the Wet Dry Vac

A great substitute for cleaning equipment like a mop and broom is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. The original vacuum cleaner’s principle is still used by modern vacuum cleaners. These cleaning devices come with a variety of accessories. Each attachment is made to serve a certain purpose. Surfaces can be cleaned … Read more

Why Use a Tubular Skylight

Design skylights

Have you heard about the new cost-effective lighting alternative? Well, it’s not technically new. Since the 1980s, tubular skylights—also known as solar tubes, light tunnels, and daylighting devices—have become more and more popular as a practical solution to get natural light into almost any room of the house. More intelligently and effectively … Read more

Things to Consider When Buying a Mailbox

A typical mailbox

A mailbox is not just a typical holder for your letters and parcels but can also represent your personal taste and style if you choose wisely.  Whether you want to improve your home’s exterior with a new decorative mailbox, or simply replace the existing one, buying a mailbox requires some homework, and … Read more

Using an Airless Paint Sprayer Safely

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Using airless paint sprayers provides you with benefits such as spraying heavy-bodied coatings and experiencing a much faster production. Your capacity to apply the coating properly depends on your spray application. If you are to use an airless paint sprayer, it’s important to ensure that you stay safe. Improper usage of airless paint sprayers may result … Read more

Tips For Buying a Handy Axe

a hand ax cutting wood.

A hand ax is a large, general-purpose bifacial Paleolithic stone tool, often oval or pear-shaped in form and characteristic of specific Lower Paleolithic industries. Usually made from flint or chert and shaped by pressure or percussion, hand axes tend to be symmetrical along their longitudinal axis. The most common ones have a … Read more

Keep Your House Cooler with an Awning

Many people think that an awning serves only one purpose: to create a shaded area outside your house. But it is much more than that. It can also help in controlling the indoor temperature of your home, and even help you with saving more money by reducing energy costs. An awning prevents … Read more

Guide to Window Film

Whether you want to protect your windows, increase privacy, or reduce sunlight, window film is an excellent solution for commercial facilities, homes, cars, and more. But just what exactly is a window film? And how do you use it? Worry no more, because we are here to give you a guide about … Read more

Guide to Wet and Dry Vacuums

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is one of the handiest tools that you can have in your home and workshop. Basically, it is a vacuum at heart. Still, it offers a lot more functionality and capacity that can be used in different environments, both indoors and outdoors. Whether you’re looking for … Read more

Vintage Glass Cabinet Knobs – Are They Real or Fake?

Glass cabinet knobs are among the most favored home décor pieces. Their shine and sparkle bring more than a mere semblance of luxury. Furthermore, they add a significant enhancement and finishing touch to any bedroom, powder room, kitchen, or bathroom. Such elegant-looking cabinet knobs can even bring an added value to your … Read more

Unusual Knobs or Drawers Pulls Throughout History

Cabinet hardware provides functionality to our space. But for many centuries, it has been giving our furniture more than mere usefulness. The history of cabinet hardware is a bit more interesting than you may think. Because cabinet hardware is so ubiquitous those handles, knobs and pulls are everywhere – not a lot … Read more

Where to Place Hardware on Cabinets

hardware on cabinets

Often, it is the smallest of details that can have a tremendous impact on the overall aesthetic and functionality of your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room. And so, a cabinet and drawer hardware can have such impact. Aside from paint, a cabinet and drawer hardware is one of the cost-effective ways … Read more