How To Get a Foolproof Security System At Your Home?

An image showing a smart home security system.

With break-in and theft reports lacing the news headlines almost every other day, it has become imperative to equip your house with a foolproof security system if you dwell in a city or suburb. Statistics released by authorities reveal an alarming spike in the number of gang burglaries in urban areas. As criminals become more … Read more

10 Best Electronic Deadbolt Reviews

Best Electronic Deadbolt Reviews

Electronic Deadbolts With the fastest growing technology there have been the smart things which are rapidly replacing the age old things. Lock of the door is just one of the examples as the regular lock of the door is always unlocked by the key but nowadays there are the keyless door deadbolt which can be … Read more

MiLocks DKK-02AQ Electronic Touchpad Entry Keyless Door Lock Review

MiLocks: MiLocks has gained the status of one of the best door knobs producers in the industry. Novel styles, unbeatable quality and excellent customer support service has helped MiLocks to take over the industry by storm. MiLocks offers a wide range of electronic door locks which are operated either by a touchpad, remote control or smart … Read more