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Allied Brass PMC-20-PNI Utility Hook Review

Allied Brass:

It is more than half a century now that Allied Brass has been passionately delivering smart solutions and creative options to transform your bathrooms and kitchens into functional and elegant spots. Manufactured in USA, Allied Brass products are made with solid brass which ensures extreme durability. Apart from being functional and durable, another outstanding trait of Allied Brass products is the elegance & sophistication made available at competitive rates. Now you can very easily breathe your very own style statement into your décor with these Allied Products.

At Allied Brass you’ll find a wide variety of stylish, contemporary and classic accessories each of which is potent enough to completely transform the style statement of your bathroom or kitchen and escalate it to the height of being bold and elegant. Something as simple as a utility hook is also designed to perfection, using finest materials and expertise. A perfect example is the PMC-20-PNI Utility Hook, Polished Nickel. Let’s scrutinize the peculiarities of this simplest tool…




Prominent Features of the Allied Brass PMC-20-PNI Utility Hook:

  • Material: This simple and elegant utility hook is made of high impact, solid brass. This gives it a nice feel and makes it extremely durable.
  • Polished Nickel Finish: Nickel plating on solid brass gives a lifetime no corrosion, no tarnish, and rust free finish to this utility hook. The finish gives it a warmer yet modern look which is eye catching and stylish.
  • Protective Non Slip Grip: Protective non slip grip of the hook gives an assured hold and a hassle free function.
  • Functional Versatility: This smooth and sturdy utility hook by hardware genius allied brass can be used to perform innumerable functions. In your bathroom, it can be used to hang a towel or your bathrobe; and on your front door it can provide a spot for your seasonal wreath; you can use it to hang your wind chimes, potpourri basket or pouch…it all depends on your creativity to make the best of the functional versatility of this utility hook.
  • Concealed Mounting Hardware: For a fine, finished look this extremely practical utility hook is provided with discreet installation hardware.
  • Easy Installation: Simple and easy installation makes the task hassle free.


Concluding Remarks:

Meeting the wavelength of International Quality Standards, Allied Brass PMC-20 PNI Utility Hook Polished Nickel finish can be an elegant addition to boost up any contemporary décor. This solid brass hook is extremely sturdy and durable. The silver tones of polished nickel finish make it an irresistible modern accessory.

The simple yet elegant utility hook features a highly functional design. You can use it in innumerable creative ways. Wherever used, its contemporary design element is going to be an impressive, bold addition in the décor.

Elegant, versatile and functional: this is the style statement of this utility hook by Allied Brass. Click here to get it on sale over at Amazon.com.