48in × 50ft Frosted White Privacy Window Film Review

Window Film … A Smart Solution!

If that transparent glass on your office or bathroom window is much of a bother and you desperately want to add privacy to your room without shutting off the light from outside, then it’s time to opt for a smart solution to this problem like this 48in × 50ft Frosted White Privacy Window Film.

Yes … a window film that would give a translucent effect to the glass would block the visibility from outside but would let the light in & keep a refreshing look. So this film provides an economical option to have a translucent, sand blasted effect without going into the hassle of getting the glass replaced.


Prominent Features of the Frosted White Privacy Window Film:

  • Sand Blasted Effect: Frosted White Privacy Window Film provides an economical way of giving sand blasted effect and is ideal to be used on your bathroom or office window where you need to block the visibility but certainly not the light.
  • A protective shield: These types of films usually provide 99% UV protection barrier and thus offer a shield of protection for your carpets, curtains & furniture from getting faded by the light.
  • Reduction in Energy Bills: By letting the light in, it helps to lower energy costs, since you’ll be using the overhead light less.
  • Decorative Touch: This film provides an edge to add decorative touches to your window. If you purchase it with complete installation kit with mounting solution, squeegee card, cutting razor etc. you’ll be able to craft out shapes like company logo, your initials, or other decorative shapes to add charisma & style to your window in use.
  • Generous Dimensions: It comes in a width of 48ʺ and a length of 50ft and as one continuous roll. This film, due to its generous dimensions offers compatibility to be fitted in almost all types of window sizes including single pane, dual pane, sliding doors and removable storm panes.
  • Easy Installations: Installation of the film is easy and hassle free and can be fool proof if done carefully. If the film is self adhesive, before applying the film on the window, spray the window with slightly soapy water.  Cut the film according to the size of the window. Very carefully peel off the backing and instantly apply the film on the “sprayed on-wet surface”. Slide the film in its place and very gently push out the air bubbles towards the edges with a soft cloth. That’s it … you’re done!

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How to Remove It?

If the film you used is non- adhesive, it is quite easy to remove. It could be easily peeled off with a little soapy water or regular window cleaner. If it is adhesive film, do not try to remove it without window film remover or you’re going to end up creating a mess of everything.


Reported Problems:

Though seemingly a perfect product, customer review sections have received echoes of some complaints. It has been reported by some that the film slides off whenever it is too hot or cold & has to be applied all over again. Others find it tricky to install, too flimsy and cheap looking. Well, these are all exceptional personal reviews; one thing at which everyone agrees is that the film provides privacy without blocking light…and that’s what it is for.



It obscures the view in a spectacular manner. It is ideal to block vision from outside. If the light inside the room is greater than the outside intensity, you’ll only be able to see blurred silhouettes through the frosted surface. So the view from the outside is completely blocked and only diffused light is permitted in.

You cannot see through the Frosted White Privacy Window Film. It is perfect for bathroom windows, shower doors, office cabins, etc. and where you want light to pass in but need privacy at the same time.

It blocks vision, not light … 100% privacy guaranteed! It’s available over at Amazon.com.